Frequently Asked Questions

If you are having any problem or have any question in mind please take a look at the commonly asked questions mentioned below. If your question is not listed here feel free to contact us.


1. How long does it take my order to be processed?

Usually we deliver banners within 3 working days however it depends more on the no. of banners you ordered. Even for bulk order we try to complete order(s) within 7 working days.


2. I do not have any logo, will you design one for me?

We do not design logos. If your website does not have any logo we will use the text with styles to match it with the style of your site.


3. I am not sure what to include in my banner, can you help?

What we actually need from you to include in banner(s) is the "Text, Logo and any specific instructions for us to follow" and it is always good to provide us these things because you know your site better than us. But if you are not sure what to include we are here to help you. We will use the text and others which "we" find best for your banner. You can get it changed if you want.


4. Do you design banner using custom size?

Yes, we also design banners using custom size. You can order your custom size banner on our order page.


5. What if I need modifications to my banner(s)?

If you need any changes in the banner you can let us know and we will do the changes for you for FREE. There is no limit for the revisions.


6. What kind of modifications are allowed?

Modifications may include color changing, text alingment, animated frame positioning. You may not request changes to the overal size of the banner and also may not request the complete re-write of the text. This will be considered as a different banner and normal price will be charged.


7. What if I am not satisfied with the order?

If you are not satisfied with the order you can ask fo revisions. We will work with you until you get 100% satisfied.


8. Will my banners include animation?

All banners are animated by default, but if you want your banner(s) to be static please do inform us when you place the order.